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Michael Ovitz, a Hollywood super-agent, was clearly influenced by Clapton in his special-order watches. He ordered the same watches but added Roman 12-hour indices and luminous markers. Due to space restrictions, he had to add them into the minute track.

A yellow gold Patek Phillipe ref. The 5004 chronograph split seconds perpetual calendar wristwatch features a special black dial with Roman numerals at 12 o'clock. (Rolex Replica Watches).

Patek must have loved the dials too because they also used the Eric Clapton layout on the ref. Watch 3970 created in five pieces, according to rumor for the London Watch Art Grand Exhibition 2015. The configuration that they chose -- rose gold, black dial with Breguet 12 and white printed tachymeter -- had not been used before in any Clapton reference. The configuration they selected was not used on any previous Clapton ref. The permanent collection of Singapore's The Hour Glass houses 5004, which sold in 2016.

The pink gold Rolex Replica Watches Ref. The 3970 perpetual calendar chronograph watch with black tachymeter dial and Breguet numeral applied at 12 o'clock. Only 5 were produced by Rolex Replica Watches in 2015 for their London exhibition (Image:

The Rolex Replica Watches ref. Clapton's life was changed forever when the Rolex Replica Watches ref. 5970 and the 36.7mm reference. 3970/5004: available dial space. The ref. The ref. When I say "full", that means 1, 2, 4, 8, 10 and 11, as the sub-dials of the watch encroach upon the space normally occupied for the 3,5,6,7 and 9.

He ordered four watches, not just one. All of them have Breguet numeral dials with matching brick bracelets. This is one of the most sought-after special order upgrades. In the history of perpetual calendar chronographs, it is important to note that "brick" straps were not sold by Patek Phillipe separately and could only be ordered as part of a custom order for important customers. In fact, the ref. These bracelets were only introduced with the ref. In 2016, 5204 was the year that these bracelets were introduced to the production line. In 2006,Tag Heuer Replica Watches to get a brick-bracelet watch, you needed to be The Man; to get a dial with special features, you needed to be a Legend; to order four watches, you basically had to Eric Clapton. All 5970 watches have Breguet numerals, and all come with "brick bracelets".